Success In Smoothly Obtaining Permanent Resident Status For A Gay I-601a Waiver Applicant

Based on a recommendation from a friend, a Mexican man, Angel, and his U.S. citizen husband (an architect), David, came to see me at the end of 2016. Back in 2003, Angel crossed the U.S. Mexican border. He has worked steadily in New York City for almost 16 years. He files tax returns and pays both income taxes and Social Security taxes.

I explained to the couple of the entire process, from filing the I-130 petition, to filing the I-601 A provisional unlawful presence waiver, and to consular processing. Usually, the entire process takes at least two and half years. I thoroughly explored the equities of Angel’s case. The couple retained me immediately. I advised them in detail about the documents that were needed.

After the I-130 petition was approved, we had to deal with the hard part, the I-601A waiver application. Angel did not have a great waiver case. However, I was able to build a strong one for him. I filed the I-601A waiver application for him in January, 2018. Only eight months later, it was approved! In February, 2019, Angel was scheduled for an immigrant visa interview, in April, at a U.S. Consulate, in Mexico. I prepared him for the interview. The interview went well, and three days later, Angel returned to the USA as a permanent resident.

If you, or a family member, or a friend, appears to be eligible to apply for an I-601A waiver, also known as an Obama waiver, or a provisional unlawful presence waiver, feel free to call me to schedule a free consultation.


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