Deportation Defense

I have twenty-one years of experience in immigration court. I have represented clients in every kind of case that takes place in immigration court. A significant number of these clients had been arrested or convicted of a crime.

Of great importance to each and every case is preparation. Meeting regularly with my client and his/her or family members is a key to winning the case. I believe knowing everything about a client can make the difference in getting the client a bond, or seeing that client win his or her case after the big hearing. I file motions or documents/papers when needed. I fight for each client for the best result possible.

The immigration laws do not restrict an attorney to practice immigration law in just one or two states. Regardless of the court in which my client’s case is taking place, I can represent him or her anywhere in the United States. That is why I have clients in more than fifteen states. My clients are from all over the world.

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